Vertical Blind making machinery from Micro Pneumatics

As a company Micro Pneumatics have been designing and manufacturing machines for the textile industry for over 40 years.

During this time they have built up an enviable reputation for quality and innovation, combined with excellent product support.



Our Machines

Fabric Re-Roller


The Fabric Re-Roller “Quick and easy, resulting in a nice tight re-roll” The Micro Pneumatics re-roller can carry out three functions, all in an easy to use package. It measures the amount of fabric on a roll with its easy to read digital display. It can slit down rolls of fabric, anything down to 2 [...]

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Inspection / Assembly Hoist

Inspection/Assembly Hoist in action (click play)  

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Roller Blind Hemmer

Roller Blind Sewing Machine Micro Pneumatics Roller Blind Sewing Machine will produce perfectly straight stitch lines effortlessly. The time to sew an average roller blind bottom hem, on the machine is 20 seconds, and that is without any physical effort involved. Compare that to the time and effort it can take to produce a “no-sew” [...]

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Roller Blind Table

Electric Roller Blind Table in Action (Click Play)

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Safety Saw


MICRO PNEUMATICS SAFETY SAW TICKS ALL THE RIGHT BOXES!!! For the first time, in September 2006, Micro Pneumatics Safety Saw outsold their top selling vertical blind machine, the VB1. Micro’s Australian agent was so impressed with the saw; he immediately ordered three and is confident he will be ordering many more. One of our existing [...]

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VB Sewing Machine

The Vertical Blind Sewing Machine   The system includes a clamp to the left of the machine that holds the vertical slats in a neat pile.The machine has stitch count and a very easy to use guide system. The machine now incorporates a laser mark that gives a perfectly consistent start position, which makes the [...]

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Vertical Blind Welder

Vertical Blind Welder in action (click play)

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Vertical Blinds


The Automatic Micro Louvre Cutter Vertical Blind Cutter The Micro Louvre Cutter is a fully automatic cut, punch & crease machine. Built to the highest possible standards, the unit is encased in 16mm and 20mm solid clear acrylic. This original concept allows for easy viewing inside the machine for loading. The machine has a control [...]

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